How to Match the Right Shower Styles with Your Bathroom

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Planning a bathroom design involves many different facets, but the shower is clearly the focal point. When you begin your search, you’ll come across an array of styles, sizes, types, models, and, most importantly, functionality. Since remodeling your bathroom is a long-term investment, you’ll want to ensure that it is aesthetically appealing and matches your family’s requirements. So, how would you get started?

Measure the Dimensions of Your Bathroom

With the assistance of the bathroom remodeling experts at Dynamic, you’ll measure the dimensions to identify the space you have available. Accuracy is critical especially if you intend to purchase a prefabricated shower. And, that includes choices like a shower tray, shower enclosure, or shower over bath. The layout of the bathroom and existing plumbing are other primary considerations since relocating fixtures can significantly hike your budget. You’ll also factor in the morning traffic your bathroom will see and work out how to accommodate each family member’s needs.

Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure

When searching around for showers, you’ll choose from prefabricated and customized. Here’s some added information.

Prefabricated Showers
Prefabricated showers are available in a stunning range of shapes, sizes, and styles to match every budget. The materials used typically include laminate, plastic, molded fiberglass, or any other synthetic material. Each piece is self-contained with a pre-conceptualized design, complete with features such as the shower tray or shower pan that forms the base of the enclosure.

Any design you choose will also have grab bars, shelves for placing toiletries, and shower panels. You can also select styles with seats for the convenience of mobility-challenged users. These showers are not only economical, but they’re also one piece, easy to install, and resistant to leakage. On the downside, your options can be limited. You may have to scout around a bunch of showrooms before finding the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Customized Showers

Customized showers are typically recommended for homes with awkwardly shaped bathrooms that cannot accommodate prebuilt showers. You can get the shower designed to specifications with the styles, designs, colors, and dimensions you need. Such showers are built from scratch on the spot and are typically eco-friendly and durable. On the downside, customized showers aren’t exactly easy on the wallet. However, they do add to the value of your home and you can expect to recover the investment when selling the place.

Let’s Talk Shower Enclosure Shapes and Styles

Shower enclosures are available in an exciting range of shapes and styles. Here’s an overview:

  • Shower Quadrant - The quadrant shower is designed for a corner space with a curved frontage. These enclosures also have sliding or hinged doors, but come with shower door seals to prevent leaks.
  • Neo-angle enclosures - Such showers typically fit into a corner and have five sides. They have a stylish and contemporary look.
  • Rectangular or square enclosures - Also designed for corner areas, these showers are like compact cubicles and ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  • Tub with shower combo - This style is the most commonly used, and you’ll likely see it in most homes.

Having selected the right shape and style you need, you can also pick from different door types, like hinged doors, pivots, or sliding. Of course, your choices will depend on the placement and area.

Shower Types for Mixing Hot & Cold Water

The mixing system highlights your shower since it delivers the appropriate blend of hot and cold water. So, what are your options?

  • Manual mixers - This variety is the simplest to install, easy to use, and affordable, which is why it’s the preferred choice for most homeowners. You’ll adjust the temperature each time you take a shower.
  • Thermostatic mixers - Installing these devices will ensure you get the perfect temperature each time. The folks at Dynamic recommend this style for homes with small children and seniors. Not only will you eliminate the risk of scalding, but you’ll also lower the stress on your shower pump.
  • Electric showers - These showers are designed with a built-in mechanism to heat the water instantly. You won’t need to connect it with a central water heating system, making this shower suitable for installing basements.

Now for the Shower Heads

The incredible range of options for shower heads has the potential to turn your bathroom into a home spa. Ready to know more?

  • Conventional showerhead delivering a steady flow
  • Adjustable heads with the option to toggle up to 10 different settings
  • Shower tower with multiple body jets
  • Concealed shower with a rainfall experience
  • Exposed rain shower
  • Body shower with jet sprays from multiple directions for a water massage-like experience
  • Waterfall shower
  • Handheld showerheads
  • Steam generators for the sauna-like experience
  • Rain showers with LED lights with the option of heads that change color

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