How to Design Walk-In Closet Spaces – Practical Tips You’ll Love

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Having a well-designed closet has more advantages than one. You’re more organized and spend less time getting ready in the mornings. You’ll save on shopping since all your clothing and accessories are right there without having to spend time looking for them. Most importantly, you’re less stressed about storage and have lots more space. Higher property values are an added advantage because potential buyers will love your spacious, well-organized closets. With so many positives, now’s the right time to re-design this essential home amenity. Ready for some exciting insights into how to get it done?

Innovative Thinking Can Transform Any Sized Closet

Whatever your closet's size, with some innovative thinking, you can get the maximum usage out of it. Larger, walk-in closets can accommodate a small island and perhaps, a small seating area where you can place things or sit down when putting on shoes. Smaller closets can have lots of hanging racks with drawers and shelves that can take your shoes, bags, and folded apparel like shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, and sweaters. The objective here is to make sure that everything you own is available at a quick glance, so you don’t waste time searching for things. Baskets are great ideas for organizing rolled-up socks, scarves, underwear, ties, and belts.

Focus on Utilizing the Maximum Space

Most people unknowingly waste a lot of closet space, especially at the top and corners. Here are a few ideas to minimize space wastage.

  • Divide up the hanging space into two sections. Use the upper section to hang up longer dresses and coats, while the lower area can take shirts, pants, and skirts. If needed, longer dresses can be draped over the hanger rod, so they take up less space.
  • The top shelves of your closet often remain unused because they are hard to reach. Use this area to store items you don’t regularly use, like travel bags, purses, and boxes with off-season clothes.
  • Set up a taller basket in hard-to-reach corners. You can place things like umbrellas, duffels, and totes. Alternatively, set up corner shelves.
  • Investing in a low chest of drawers is another great idea since you can move it around as needed. Measure your closet and check the available space before picking out the correct size.
  • Conserve space by choosing closet systems and racks that are wall-mounted so that you can use up all the floor level area.
  • Attaching a rack of hooks on the inside of the closet door is another way to utilize space. You will be surprised at the number of things you can get out of the way while still accessing them quickly.
  • Always make space for a laundry hamper at floor level. You should be able to slide it out and in without any trouble.
  • Pick up a set of multi-purpose hangers to organize a bunch of tank tops and camisoles and save space. Each of these smart gadgets can take up to six pieces of clothing.

Get Closet Designs Suitable for Both Partners

Sharing closet space with a partner can become a challenge since men and women have different clothing and unique needs. You’ll start by divvying up the available area equally and openly communicating how you like your things stored. For instance, you might prefer to hang up your clothes on hangers to eliminate the need for ironing in the mornings before work. Or, you might like to fold your jeans and sweaters, while your significant other prefers to use hooks for his pants.

Discussing preferences and sharing the storage area according to height are great places to start. If your partner is taller than you, they could be open to taking the top shelves, while you could make do with the lower ones. If there isn’t adequate room, relegate off-season items to a different closet or store them in a bin that slides under the bed. If you’re using baskets, make sure to label them to save time looking for your things.

How About Customized Designs for Your Closets?

Inviting professionals to design your closets is the best way to ensure you get maximum storage with enough shelves and drawers. They’ll come in to measure your spaces and discuss your needs before working on customized designs for you. Drawers, open racks, and made-to-order rods for hanging up clothing can transform your closets entirely.

You can also get wood finishes that match the bedroom with smartly-placed light fixtures to highlight dark areas. Trust in the experts to fit in an appropriately-sized island with lots of storage for your jewelry and other accessories, complete with lock boxes for valuables.

Does this sound like something you would like to do? Contact us at Dynamic Plus to schedule an appointment and get set for a whole new closet experience.