How to Design a Stylish White Kitchen with Unusual Accessories and Decor

Darek Kopacz Kitchen

Whatever may be the theme of your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the white color palette. White is not just perfect to maximize the feeling of luxury and elegance, but it also infuses a sense of calm. White opens up the spaces in a way no other color can and is recommended for kitchens of all sizes and dimensions. The exciting thing about white is that it forms the ideal backdrop for any kind of accessories. Read ahead for some innovative ideas for using the white palette for a stylish kitchen.

How Would You Infuse White?

A delightful way to start is to use exotic stones like marble on an entire wall or the counters. Creating a complete kitchen island with a marble top and sides is also the way to go. Alternatively, you can use marble for the backsplash, offsetting with cabinets in darker hues. If not marble, consider engineered stone that looks and feels like natural stone, or quartz and granite. Their veins and patterns add to the timelessness of the entire decor. Though, you’re likely to get a wider selection of designs in quartz. Our architects also suggest going for an all-white kitchen with black or dark gray tiles for the floors. If you like hardwood flooring, you could get dark-toned panels laid out in a chevron pattern.

Play Around with Textures to Avoid the Clinical Look

Although white has an elegant appeal, you’ll want to use the palette with care to avoid giving the kitchen a cold, clinical look or the feel of being in a subway. A simple solution is to add textures for an element of interest. A textured wall can also be the focal point of the kitchen depending on how you use it. For instance, a rustic look with faux exposed brickwork or stonework on an accent wall. Or, better yet, unpolished wood panels for an authentic pastoral look. Compliment the rusticity with brass pendant lights hanging over the kitchen island. Yet another way to avoid the glare of white is to add hidden or diffused lighting that does not shine directly on the white surfaces. Or, to go with warm LED tones for a subdued look.

Adopt Visual Tricks for the Decor

Having picked out the white palette for your kitchen, you can create a contrast by using gray, dark red, a rich blue, or forest green for the kitchen island cabinets. But, follow the white theme for the perimeter cabinetry. Or, get patterned tiles in interesting colors and textures for the backsplash. When buying appliances, the trending color for the year 2022 is hands-down white and black, highlighted with bronze and metallic handles for a classy look. Though, many homeowners continue to prefer steel and chrome for the ease of maintenance, especially in households with kids and pets.

Let’s Figure Out the Furniture

Post-pandemic, many kitchens are designed with dining sections where the family gathers to bond over delicious meals. Bar stools and chairs can also be used to add accents to the kitchen and give it a warm, homely appeal. Remember, kitchen seating does not have to match the island, but you can play around with metal, colors, and finishes to offset the white palette and get a break from the monotony. Our designers like to infuse color for a whimsical touch or use wrought iron for the old-world look. Cotton, vinyl, and microfiber, available in a stunning range of colors and patterns, are also great choices. If you wish to add warmth, wood should be the go-to option.

How About Accessories

The beauty of accessories for a white kitchen is that you can make them as distinctive as you want. A bowl of colorful fruit on the island or a collection of multi-hued bottles on the shelf look striking. You can place food artwork on the walls or get tall candles in different tones. Prized, vintage chinaware on the wall or crystals lined up on a shelf add an element of interest and act as conversation starters. Book lovers are known to use their favorite volumes to enhance the kitchen decor.

Use Textiles for Softness

Fabrics add a touch of softness and warmth to the kitchen decor and you have lots of options to choose from. Turn your attention to the window and add dressings or place a pretty rug on the floor to add color. Fabric runners on the kitchen table or linen placemats with pretty napkins can also do the trick.

Most architects and interior designers may advise against using a white palette for the kitchen. At Dynamic Plus, we believe in contemporary themes that are eye-catching, whimsical, and off the beaten track. Interested in learning more. Schedule an appointment and we’d love to show you how we do it.