How to Design a Small Bathroom

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Designing a small bathroom is challenging when you’re trying to squeeze the maximum functionality from a compact space. While you can expect to complete the project economically because of the fewer materials you’ll use, professional advice can go a long way in helping you make a tiny space look attractive. Check out these ingenious hacks that only experts can design.

Maximize the Impression of Space

When you’re working with limited square footage, the trick is to adopt visual gags that make the space look much bigger than it actually is. Here’s how:

  • If you have a window, that’s a huge positive, but remember not to obstruct the natural light by placing plants or decorative pieces on the sill. Even if you don’t have a window, make sure the bathroom is well-lighted with artificial fixtures. Have separate fixtures for each bathroom section, including one above the vanity and another above the shower area. Turning on the lights will open up the space, and you could also go with different colors, like white, warm white, and yellow.
  • Choose a light, airy color scheme for the interiors of the bathroom. Take a break from white and try other neutral shades like blush, powder blue, pearl grey, ivory white, and other nudes. In addition to making the bathroom look spacious, lighter colors add an element of elegance.
  • Always keep the space clean and uncluttered. In addition to deep cleaning regularly, invest in light-colored baskets to keep your supplies organized and out of sight. The more orderly the space is, the bigger it will seem.

Go for Hanging Storage

A great way to design a small bathroom is to use the wall to hang up everything you can.

  • For starters, go with a floating vanity fitted on the wall, leaving the floor space below vacant. Avoid pedestal sinks because of the floor space they occupy. All that area can be used for storage instead.
  • Use wall-mounted shelves for placing your beauty products, makeup, and toiletries. But remember to have minimum supplies on the shelves. Get rid of outdated things and move experiments out of the bathroom. Share with friends or donate.
  • Attach pegs on the wall and hang up your hair-styling implements like the hairdryer, curling iron, and straighteners. But do remember to store them at a spot where they’re unlikely to catch any spray from the shower.
  • If you can’t stack towels on the shelves, use the pegs to store them within easy reach of the shower and vanity. Also, minimize the number of towels in the bathroom to absolute essentials. The extra face and hand towels can go into the closet or drawers of the vanity.
  • Pegs behind the door are also a great way to get your things out of the way and out of sight, making the bathroom appear more spacious.

Adopt Visual Tricks for the Decor

Visual effects are a great way to infuse the impression of space. Check out these ideas.

  • The key facet of any decor is the focal point. You’ll choose one element and design around it. For instance, when picking out the wallpaper behind the vanity mirror, look for smaller, delicate prints. Alternatively, you could opt for textured paint on one wall or a piece of wall art that has lots of white space. Printed tiles to highlight the shower area is also a great idea.
  • Pick out decorative items inspired by nature. For instance, when purchasing baskets, go for wicker or bamboo in muted colors that won’t draw the eye. Tiny floral or leaf prints also add a soothing touch.
  • Section off the shower area with a glass panel instead of a stall or shower curtain. The trick is to place the entrance to the shower at the faucet end to avoid splashing. Also, save space by installing a showerhead that doubles as a hand-held. These nifty innovations attach to the wall-mounted fixture with a strong magnet.
  • Invest in the biggest mirrors you can find since they reflect light and add depth to the bathroom. Place a large mirror above the sink and add a full-length reflective panel behind the door. You can also pick settings where the mirror will reflect the light from the window and spread it around.
  • Paint the ceiling in a darker color to draw the eye upward and add to the impression of height.
  • Don’t be surprised if your architect advises using larger tiles to make your bathroom look bigger. That’s because the grouting makes the space look busy and cluttered.

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