Exciting Ideas for Creating a Focal Point for Your Kitchen

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When designing your kitchen, you’ll carefully select all the different elements, such as a lovely color scheme, functionality, and smooth flowing lines to maximize efficiency. But, there should be one key feature that brings all the design elements together, captivates the eye, and sets the mood for the ambiance of the room. And, that’s your focal point. This single feature can add the “Wow” factor. It is artistic, bold, vibrant, draws attention, and perhaps, becomes a conversation starter. The focal point can be anything, a piece of furniture, cabinets, hood, backsplash, or even, a beautiful crystal standing elegantly on the kitchen table or island. Interested in learning more about how to make that happen?

How to Design the Focal Point?

You could have a minimalistic kitchen, but the focal point adds character to the interior decor. It’s where you show off a little bit of your personality. Look for a standalone area that receives lots of natural light, but if you can’t have that, up-lighting can do the trick. You could choose an attractive design or a pop of color in an otherwise monochromatic color scheme. If you’re short of space, an elegant piece of art depicting food on one wall could do the trick. Or, you could try creating an accent wall with interesting wallpaper, tiling, or stucco art. Textured paint is another exciting option.

A Dramatic Backsplash

The backsplash is an essential element of any kitchen since it protects your wall from food and drink splatters. But, with a little creativity, it could become the focal point of your kitchen. Choose bold colors or patterns that stand out from the rest of the decor. If you’re going with tiles, pick from an array of shapes such as rectangular, square, herringbone, chevron, hexagonal, and penny tiles. Add interest by combining patterns that seem all different but follow a specific theme. If you like the vintage look, go with open brickwork. Aside from ceramic tiles, you could also get glass, mirror, metal, travertine, and stone veneer, to name a few.

Unusual Countertops and Tables

Your kitchen design consultants at Dynamic Plus will blow you away with the mind-blogging array of countertop ideas now available for contemporary kitchens. You have options like traditional granite, soapstone, and marble. Or, you’ll go with quartz, ceramic, and laminates. Stainless steel gives the place a modernistic and industrial look, and laminates are ideal for households with kids and pets. If you would like to infuse a warm look into the space, you could go with wood. Treating the tables with epoxy resin adds to its durability, resistance to liquids and staining, and protection from UV rays thus increasing its strength. Possibly, the most versatile is concrete, designed specifically for kitchens. These slabs can be treated with acids to create exciting and vibrant colors and textures.

Contrasting Cabinets

Painting the cabinets in unusual colors can make a style statement. Contrasting hues from the rest of the kitchen scheme is a great idea. You could enhance the colors with patterns and accent doors. For instance, mirror detailing, smart and stylish hardware, wire inserts, louvered slats, mullion doors, glass, and aluminum frames. If you like glass-fronted cabinets, that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You could look at frosted glass, patterned glass, and picture windows. Installing light fixtures inside the cabinets to highlight the glass for added interest is a great way to go.

Fancy Light Fixtures

Artistically installed lighting and fixtures can brighten up any room and the kitchen is a great place to experiment with ideas. Consider getting decorative chandeliers and pendant lights for the dining area and you’ll create the fine dining ambiance instantly. For all your other lighting needs, you could go with undercabinet strip lights for diffused illumination and panel lights for regular use when you’re cooking or just hanging out with the family before dinner.

Interesting Decorative Hood

Like the innovative designers at Dynamic Plus advise, the hood is yet another direction where you can direct your creative juices. Think about installing decorative hoods made of stainless steel with wood detailing or a contrasting wood finish. Hoods are also available in colors like grey and black with an interesting range of shapes that give your kitchen an ultra-modernistic appeal. If your cooktop is set up on the kitchen island, you could play around with a copper finish hood with decorative patterns that add a vintage appeal to the kitchen.

The exciting thing about choosing your focal point is that there are any number of possibilities. For instance, if you have a beautiful garden, use the views as a focal point by including large windows. Or, get brightly-colored appliances to liven up the room.

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