Design Elements Every Contemporary Kitchen Must Have

Darek Kopacz Kitchen

Every homeowner in the 21st century would want their kitchen to look modernistic and stylish with the latest design elements that combine aesthetics and functionality. We’ll take you a step further by designing “contemporary” kitchens that constantly evolve to match their owners’ needs and upcoming trends. Next, we’ll infuse a little bit of their personality to create a contemporary kitchen that showcases an array of textures, materials, and patterns. We bring you designs that project a gorgeous layered look with sleek lines for the “Wow!” factor. Read ahead for some exciting information about how to design your kitchen.

Let’s Begin with the Functionality Aspect

When technology rules every aspect of your life, why should the kitchen be left behind? Contemporary kitchens feature cutting-edge gadgets available in the market today, complete with stainless steel and chrome finishes. You’ll go with appliances that look sleek and smart, not to mention integrated with phone apps giving you complete control over the temperature of your fridge and freezer to the exact time taken by the toaster. Expect delicious frozen yogurt and perfectly crisped golden toast thanks to the IoT.

Commercial-grade devices like built-in coffee makers, high-performance hoods and chimneys, and fuss-free induction cooktops that are easy to clean and maintain are other essentials of your new kitchen. And, did we mention the pop-up charging station with multiple outlets for your kitchen island?

Moving on to Storage

At Dynamic, we understand that you’ll want to maximize every inch of the available space you have. Trust us to design cabinets, islands, and kitchen tables with plenty of innovative solutions to manage your groceries and utensils, not to mention prized chinaware and crystals. With more homeowners in the 21st century dedicated to wholesome, home-cooked meals and a healthier lifestyle, we design kitchens like studios where you play around with food art. And, enjoy meals in the company of loved ones amidst delightful conversations.

Every item you might need is easily accessible but stored away behind slab-front cabinet doors that impress with their smooth fronts, zero ornamentation, and minimal hardware. Trust us to add stylish glass-fronted doors with diffused inner lighting to enhance your crystals. Under-cabinet lighting is yet another must-have for every contemporary kitchen in Chicago.

And, yes, we understand that you need ergonomically designed fittings that respond to the gentlest of touches. Our drawers come with neat compartments to keep every utensil organized with minimum possibility of clutter. Before we move on, pull-out shelves to use and store appliances deserve mention.

Materials for Your Countertops

Granite and marble are no longer the go-to choices for contemporary kitchen countertops. Instead, we would suggest innovative options like concrete and glass. Before you get visions of ugly gray slabs resembling a sidewalk in your kitchen, let’s inform you that concrete now has a whole new avatar. Manufacturers experimenting with concrete have developed a delightful lightweight version that is highly durable and versatile. You can expert a variety of colors and finishes that add to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Glass is yet another option that works perfectly because it’s easy to clean, maintain, and available in a stunning range of hues and patterns. Glass tiles for the backsplash also add a whole new dimension to the ultimate appeal of the contemporary kitchen in Chicago. Yet another option is quartz that lends the look of granite without the hassles of cleaning and maintenance.

Color Palettes and Themes

Color palettes for your kitchen are more about highlighting the materials you’re using, blending with themes like a lush, green forest or the turquoise of the ocean, to name just a couple of ideas. Think white cabinets offset with a blue-green backsplash and shelves with birch chairs. Choose a delightful marble finish countertop with light tiles to lend an airy cheerful space to eat breakfast each morning. For the more intrepid homemaker, we would suggest apple green cabinets against off-white walls and light wooden tiles. Now that’s a splendid color scheme to highlight your chrome and stainless steel appliances.

Accessories? Absolutely!

Your contemporary kitchen is just like any other room, and our new-age homeowners love to add character to any interior. Choose gorgeous artwork to adorn the walls and add lots of greenery with potted plants. And when you’re ready for the finishing touches, we would suggest elegant light fixtures to illuminate your kitchen and the fabulous meals you cook. Your kitchen could serve as a home bar where you chill at the end of the day while pottering around putting together a meal with your significant other. Just remember to add some bar stools.

At Dynamic, we have a whole lot of innovative ideas for your kitchen in Chicago. We would welcome you to our showroom to introduce you to some of the possibilities. Ready to schedule an appointment? Use this form to add your details, and we’ll get back to you soon.