Biophilia – The Art of Infusing Nature into Contemporary Bathrooms in 2022

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Among the latest design themes for contemporary bathrooms in 2022 is the concept of infusing nature or biophilia in the decor. Innovative architects understand how immersing the human psyche in a nature-inspired environment in the morning might just enhance cognitive abilities. Greenery can also improve your psychological well-being and overall health. And that’s a great start to a productive and happy day. So, if you don’t have the time each morning to go for a run in the park, your biophilic bathroom could be the next best thing. Read ahead to understand how.

Let’s Start with Natural Greenery-Plants

Indoor plants do very well in your bathroom since they love the moist environment. Even if you have only a single window, that sill is the perfect place to set up a few potted plants. You’ll pick species that need very little water or maintenance and watch them thrive. You could also place pots on any flat surface, such as the corner beside the sink or a low stool with storage shelves below. Bathrooms with floating sinks can accommodate snake plants under them. If you’re working with a compact space, you can always hang foliage from the ceiling. Or, get a planter for the curtain rod. Your storage racks above the toilet are also great spots for plants to build a biophilic bathroom.

Alternatively, Artificial Foliage

If real plants aren’t really your thing, you can go with the next best thing--faux plants. This option is recommended for bathrooms with no natural light and must make do with artificial lights. Faux foliage has several benefits over conventional plants since you can have them looking green without the need for sunshine, regular watering, or fertilizing. You can get panels with tiny flowers and delicate leaves in colors that match the overall color scheme of your bathroom. A light dusting once a week or a light misting with water and later wiping down is all the maintenance they need. Or, how about landscaping a bathroom corner with rocks and broad-leaved plants?

Floral Prints for Your Bathroom Walls

Nature-inspired tiles for the bathroom walls add a touch of verdant biophilia to your bathroom. If not an entire wall, look for prints for an accent wall, perhaps, behind the shower panel. Think birds, leaves, and flowers in pastel shades to open up the spaces for compact bathrooms. Contemporary shower stalls are not necessarily single-paneled glass. Instead, you could add the greenhouse touch with smaller glass panels in powder-coated black or walnut brown aluminum frames. Since the aluminum is water resistant, you won’t need to worry about damage.

Floral prints in the shower let you enjoy the impression of an alfresco shower in a forest destination. A double rain shower faucet or a massage shower panel could add the impression of bathing under a waterfall or spring.

Floral-Printed Wallpaper

Although wallpaper for your bathroom is typically not recommended, with some smart thinking, you can use this decor element for your biophilic bathroom. You’ll pick a wall that does not conceal plumbing or comes in direct contact with moisture. Installing wallpaper on the wall that reflects the vanity mirror is another innovative idea to infuse natural themes into the decor. The exciting thing about this idea is that you can blend nature and glamour by choosing wallpapers in bold colors, such as black, burgundy, wine, or emerald. If not an entire bathroom, do up a powder room with a lovely floral print.

Biophilia Spa Bathrooms

If you wish to add exceptional style and aesthetics to your glamour room, the designers at Dynamic Plus suggest you go with murals. Think of getting a Victorian clawfoot, roll-top bathtub. Next, you’ll give it a whimsical backdrop by painting a mural with a nature-inspired scene. Muted greens, olives, ecrus, and beiges are the ideal color schemes to tell a dynamic story of cranes, swans, ducks, and other aquatic birds amidst water lilies and other plants. Themes like these do not just liven up your mornings but are also perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day at work. Add fragrant candles and glasses of wine to your relaxation. If not a mural, you could get a designer backlit picture glass panel that adds the impression of soaking beside a window.

On the Subject of Aromatherapy…

Once you have the visuals and sensations sorted, complete the package with aromatherapy. Sublime aromas and scents take your senses to a whole other dimension. The perfect ambiance for your biophilic bathroom also needs diffusers with delicate essential oils sourced from flowers, leaves, herbs, and fruits to remind you of the forest.

A nature-infused environment for an energetic wake-up in the morning and a gentle wind-down in the evenings--that’s what biophilia bathrooms are all about. Go back to nature for inspiration to design the perfect glamour room. And, if you need more ideas to make that happen, the designers at Dynamic Plus would love to help. Contact us for an appointment, and let’s put together some exciting ideas for you.